Level Name Necessary Skills Distance/Range Skill Descriptions
Passive Skills
Vitality mastery
10 Vitality Mastery - - Trains your body to increase Defence and HP
Attack mastery
10 Attack Mastery - - Trains your body to increase Physical Damage
Elemental Resistance
20 Elemental Resistance - - Allows you to better understand the elements.increasing your resistance against elemental attacks.
Self Recovery
25 Self Recovery Vitality Mastery Lv.7 - Increases the rate of HP regeneration
Agility Mastery
25 Agility Mastery Attack Mastery Lv.7 - Increases the speed of your attacks
All Weapon Skills
10 Excite - 9.0m/2.5m Throws a small stone to intimidate the enemy
16 Provoke

Vitality Mastery Lv.3

Excite Lv.2

- Send an energy wave in all directions attracting nearby enemies
1H,2H and Spear Skills
Power Stamp
10 Power Strike - 2.5m/2.0m Spin your sword quickly striking the enemy with centrifugal force
Death Delivery
10 Death Delivery - - Strike the enemy with blades of pure energy
Heavy Stamp
12 Heavy Strike Power Strike Lv.1 2.0m/2.5m Strike the enemy with a powerful hit impacting their movement
Shadow Strike
14 Shadow Strike - 2.0m Dash forward from the shadows to attack the enemy. Has a chance to decrease enemy's speed and defence
Rising Dragon
18 Rising Dragon Heavy Strike Lv.2 2.5m Rise up and strike all like a flying dragon from above. Decreases enemy's attack speed for a short period
Wind Spin
22 Wind Spin Shadow Strike Lv.1 Rising Dragon Lv.1 - Create a sharp blade of wind by rapidly spinning your body. Increases your movement speed for a short period
Sword Tailwind
26 Sword Tailwind Wind Spin Lv.1 3.0m Leap into the air and spin around,attacking your target with the tailwind of your sword
Air Slash
28 Air Slash Rising Dragon Lv.3 15.0m/3.0m Swing your sword causign strong winds that are able to attack enemies from a distance
Shield Skills
Shield Charge
14 Shield Charge - 3.0m/2.0m Anger enemies by attacking them with your shield
Buff Skills
Increase Defense
14 Increase Defense - - Increases the defence of party members
Incease Power
14 Increase Power - - Increases teh damage of party members physical attacks