Magician is a ranged class that focuses on dealing high damage and healing. As all other classes you have to be Lv.10 to become a magician.

Class Change QuestsEdit

How to qualify for class change :To get class change quests you have to do all quests up to Chico Trade City. If you are Lv. 9 when you get there your class master will give you a quest to get to Lv.10.

Note: Magicians class change quest is the easiest

Quests: The first quest is to go to Stormy Shore and find 3 elemental slates which are easy to kill. The slates are: Fire,Earth and Water. To find them easier you can click on your quest and you will find an X on the map where the slates are. Second quest to become a magician is like all others. Just take the quest,open your invetory and use the Magician Elixir. You will get a chest with a Lv.10 set. A wand and spellbook and a staff.

Paths:  At Lv.30 Magician can either become a sorcerer (Damage dealer) or cleric (Healer)

Magician WeaponsEdit

Magician as you can guess uses ranged magic weapons which are spellbook,wand and staff.

Spellbook: Spellbook isn't an actual weapon. It is just suggested to be used with magicians 1 handed weapon (wand).

Wand: Wand is a 1 Handed weapon that goes well with a spellbook and also has higher attack speed (but lower damage) than staff. As you can guess since it's a 1H weapon. It can be dual wielded and it will do more damage than a staff. But enjoy it while you can. Magicians 2 paths require either a spellbook or staff to be in use. Meaning no more dual wielding after that :P

Staff: Staff is a 2 handed weapon that does high damage at the cost of low speed