Essence of the Storm

Quest detail

I'm Woody, have we met before?

Oh you've come to see about putting a stop to the violent storm? The storm has been here for as long as I can remember. In fact, the storm is the essence of this place. If you follow the shoreline you should come accross a Mysterious Treasure Chest. Open this chest and obtain the Essence of Storm. If you use this at the Eye of the Storm, where the hurricane has formed in water then perhaps we will be successful...

Requirements Level 8+
Completed the quest Combersome
Repeatable No
How to complete Go to the Mysterious Treasure Chest and talk to it to recieve the quest item Essence of the Storm. Go to the wind spiral in the water opposite the Treasure chest and use the Essence of the Storm.

4,300 EXP
4,600 Gold
Epic Leather Bottom
Additional Reward (One only):
- 2 Defence Up Potion
- 2 Attack Up Potion
-2 Speed Up Potion

Game No