(Daily) Rock-Paper-Scissors Challenge(Event) Blessed Easter Egg(Event) Easter Candle
(Event) Force Box(Event) Galaxy Piece(Event) Neo Dragon Isle Celebration Box
(Event) Rock-Paper-Scissors Competition(Event) Skill Reset(Event) Spring Box
(Event) Spring Leaf(Event) Spring Seed(Event) The Chosen One (Title Scroll)
(Guide) AmukeAchievementsAdventurer Assembly
Aggressive OctopiAlmionAlmion Fragment
An Old BookAncient Artifact (Lv40 A Rank)Ancient Artifact (Lv40 B Rank)
Ancient Artifact (Lv40 C Rank)Ancient Artifact (Lv40 S Rank)Ancient Artifact (Lv45 A Rank)
Ancient Artifact (Lv45 B Rank)Ancient Artifact (Lv45 C Rank)Ancient Artifact (Lv45 S Rank)
Arachne's NestArcane Gold EggArcane Shining Egg
Arcane Silver EggAriel's CoinAriel's Collection (Bronze)
Ariel's Collection (Gold)Ariel's Collection (Nickel)Ariel's Collection (Platinum)
Arousal Shot PackageAsuka TempleAsuka Temple Entrance
Ayatola's WandBadly Broken Golden KeyBaron Necklace
Baron RingBasic Dance 4Basic Dance 5
Battle CompanionBeliever HatBlack Rock Camp
Black Rock MineBlack Rock QuarryBlack Rock Quarry Entrance
Blue Arousal Shot (B)Blue Arousal Shot (C)Blue Arousal Shot (D)
Blue Arousal Shot (E)Blue Hermit CrabBreath of Glory
Broul FortressBroul Fortress EntranceBrownie Village
Brownie Village EntranceCat LighthouseCausing Chaos
ClassesClone CodexClone Revival Scroll
CraftingCrusader ChaussesCrusader Helm
CrystalCrystal FragmentCursed Crystal Ball
Cutting off SuppliesDaily Fortune BoxDignity of Ruler
Disturbed ResearchDouble Cross WandDungeons
EasterEliminating GuardsEnergy Saber
Epic Believer ShoesEpic Circle WandEpic Crusader Gauntlets
Epic Golden Pink TunicEpic Golden Yellow FedoraEpic Majesty Shoes
Epic Silver Ranger HelmetEpic Sky Wing GlovesEpic Two-handed Shadow Sword
Epic White-holic GlovesEventsFabric
FeaturesFortune Box (LV25)Fortune Box (LV30)
Fortune Box (LV35)Fortune Box (LV4)Game Masters
Gathering and MiningGeneral Goods VendorGiant Hornet Hat (Set)
Glowing PearlGoblin OutpostGold Gothic Necklace
Golden Arousal Shot (B)Golden Arousal Shot (C)Golden Arousal Shot (D)
Golden Arousal Shot (E)Grumpy Cat UtoriGuides
GuildsHair TuftsHelpful Adventurer
Hero's Gem Box (LV39)Hero's Gem Box (LV49)Heva Clonia Online
Heva Clonia Online WikiHokoi RoadHungry Fisherman
HunterIcoon's MistakeIndigo Wolf Helmet (Set)
ItemsKar'ThorKaul's Secret Order
Khamen HelmetKill Kar'ThorKindergarten Bottom
Kindergarten HatKindergarten ShoesKindergarten Top
KiwiLack of PowerLarge Abrasive
Large FormulationLarge HP PotionLarge MP Potion
Late SuppliesLearning SkillsLepi's Advice
Life SeedLocationLourin Farm
Lucky ScrollLv.1 Townstone RegistrationLv.2 Clone Master Udin
Lv.3 Pearl PowderLv.4 Powder KegLv.5 Captain Octopus
Lv.9 Essence of StormMagicianMajesty Hat
Map DisplayMartin's StaffMay the 4th be with you
MedalMedal Collection BoxMedium Abrasive
Medium FormulationMedium Fortune NecklaceMedium Fortune Ring
Medium HP/MP PotionMedium HP PotionMedium MP Potion
MelonMisc.Mithril Ingot
MonstersNeo-Wraith RingNeo-Wraith Ring Entrance
Neo Dragon Isle CelebrationNewbie KnuckleNewbie Wooded Sword
NoviceNovice skillOctopus Helmet
Old Glyph PackageOminous Bird's NestOrange Hermit Crab
Overlord JadePiece of Fury MirrorPitapating Stone Haert
Potential PowerProphetic Artifact (LV40)Prophetic Artifact (LV45)
Ranger Wing HelmetReason of DelayRed Pirate Fortress
Red Sea UrchinRequesting ReinforcementsRiding Ruty DNA
Rock-Paper-Scissors MasterRock-Paper-Scissors Master Challenge TicketRock-Paper-Scissors Victory Token
Safety TipsSage HillSapphire Wand
Sea Crab's NestSea Urchin ExterminationSea Urchin Medal
Secred Silver Gothic NecklaceShadow AxeShadow Claw
Shining Gold TalismanShining Metal GemstoneShiny Scale
Silver Arousal Shot (B)Silver Arousal Shot (C)Silver Arousal Shot (D)
Silver Arousal Shot (E)Silver IngotSilver Ranger Gloves
Silver Ranger HelmetSkill PracticeSkill Reset Master Piria
SkillsSkills - HunterSkills - Magician
Skills - WarriorSoul burning FlameSpiked Hermit Crab
Spotted PokySpringStormy Shore
StoryStrong Gold Gothic RingSuspicious Treasure
Swift Silver Gothic RingSystem RequirementsTear of Rashid
TemplateTemple of FortuneTen in Trouble?
Testing AbilityTitlesTo Goblin Outpost
To Whirlpool ShoreTrade City ChicoTraveler Gloves
Traveler ShoesTraveler TopUndying Soul
Utori's Energy SaberWarriorWhirlpool Shore
Winter EventWise Sapphire RingWorn Traveler Bottom