Cutting Off Supplies

Quest detail

Thanks for taking care of the Goblin Guards for us. Watching you work, I have to say I'm impressed with how quickly you took care of things. Would you be able to help me?

If we can cut off the Goblin's supplies we can slow them down and have things turn in our favor. While we can't stop all of their shipments, destroying the Goblin Supplies should be a good start. Destroy the Goblin Supplies and take care of the Goblin Archers watching over them.

Requirements Level 5+
Completed the quest Eliminating Guards
Repeatable No
How to complete Kill 7 Goblin Archers
Destroy 3 Goblin Supplies
Reward 2,050 EXP
3,200 Gold
Additional Reward (One only):
- 2 Move Fruit
- 2 Energy Fruit
- 2 Attack Fruit
- 2 Defence Fruit
Game None